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Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, by a large margin. In fact, the average American consumes the equivalent of 28 pigs over a normal lifespan. Despite the bad press it often attracts, pork packs more protein than chicken and is a great source of iron, B-vitamins and zinc.
It's easy to overcook pork, especially the leaner cuts. To guarantee your pork is safe to heat and succulent, don't cook it above 145° Fahrenheit. Let the meat rest for three minutes and cut into a luscious piece of meat that's tender and juicy. These unique recipes are good starting points to give pork a chance and maybe decide it's really "what's for dinner."
Pork chop and hash brown bake
Rich and cheesy, this one-dish meal is easy and nearly foolproof. The bed of shredded thawed hash browns mixed with onions and cheese provides a moist flavor-packed haven for the chops. Add a green vegetable to the serving plates and you've got a meal that delights and satisfies. Get the recipe here.
Fiesta pork chop bake
Fans of spicy heat will line up for seconds of this Mexican-inspired entree. The combination of adobe sauce, jalapeno-tomato sauce, and pepper jack cheese pack a nice kick in every bite. Serve with sides of avocado and sour cream to round out the flavors. Get the recipe here.
Smothered pork chops
No more boring pork chops — this recipe is packed with flavor! Whether you use a bone-in loin chop or boneless America's cut, the sear-and-bake cooking method and tasty smotherings make a Southern meal that speaks directly to your taste buds. Get the full recipe here.
Ranch pork and potatoes
This sheet pan pork chop meal calls for just four ingredients and less than 30 minutes from start to finish, helping you get dinner on the table in a snap. Get the full recipe here.
Sunday stuffed pork chops
It's no secret that pork chops and apples are a match made in heaven. In the recipe below, thick pork chops are stuffed with an apple stuffing that also features pecans and ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese. Get the recipe here.
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