Breakfast just got better. You must try these ideas

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Some people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Others love to have breakfast food morning, noon and night. When you think breakfast, you may be thinking about the simple standards – pancakes, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. It's time to think again.
Maybe you don't want to try anything to fancy for breakfast. Once you see these recipes, though, you are going to think again. Your family will definitely appreciate your effort, or you can make these just for yourself.
6-layer breakfast casserole
Talk about a hearty breakfast! This shouldn't be on your list if you're watching what you eat, but you'll love the taste of eggs, sausage and jalapeno peppers joined together in casserole form. Get the recipe here.
Breakfast taquitos
Here's a nice twist on the rolled taco, also known as a taquito. They serve as a smaller version of the classic breakfast burrito. Any way you serve up eggs, sausage and cheese is likely to satisfy in the morning. The secret is getting the right texture in the tortilla: soft enough to wrap around the filling but that will get crispy when it cooks. Get the recipe here.
Grab and go breakfast cookie
Sometimes you don't have the ability to make a hearty breakfast. If you need something ready to go, make a batch of 24 of these breakfast cookies that can be ready after one 20-minute cooking session. The ready-to-go bites will last for a few weeks. They aren't just convenient; they also taste great. Get the recipe here.
Hot breakfast sliders
One look at this photo, and you are going to want to try this recipe. Sliders are trendy right now, and it's easy to see why. The hard thing will be having only one of these breakfast sandwiches in the morning, thanks to the combination of eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and Hawaiian rolls. Get the recipe here.
Breakfast quesadillas
Quesadillas are already known for their cheesy goodness. Throw some egg into the mix to transform this savory item into breakfast food. Fans of Mexican food and breakfast will cheer. Get the recipe here.
Crescent bacon breakfast ring
This photo may look daunting, but you'll want to give the recipe a try. Premade crescent rolls from a can save time and effort in the kitchen. Veggies and scrambled eggs create a taste sensation will be exactly what you're looking for. Get the recipe here.
Twice-baked breakfast potatoes
Potatoes are a breakfast staple, but they usually come in the form of hash browns or homestyle potatoes. For something different, try this recipe, which is basically breakfast potato skins. Need we say more? Get the recipe here.
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August 3   ·  
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August 3   ·  
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