Peep, peep we've got the sweet Easter treats. These desserts are too good to pass up

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Easter is a time for celebrations of all kinds, inside and outside, serious and lighthearted. It's a time for dressing up, hiding colored eggs, eating chocolate alongside brilliantly colored candies, attending religious ceremonies and participating in a big dinner for family and friends. In addition, it's usually a time when spring begins and new life abounds.
Although the Easter meal is important, it's typically full of mostly savory foods. Afterward, everyone wants something sweet — but no more jellybeans or chocolate eggs. This dessert collection is sure to give an Easter meal the perfect ending for a perfect day.
Easter Peeps s'mores
S'mores aren't just for campfires and summer barbecues. They're the ideal ending for an Easter meal, especially when extra Peeps take center stage. They're easy to prepare under a broiler, but a kitchen torch is easier and more fun if you have one on hand. Get the recipe here.
Easter Rice Krispie eggs
Imagine the delight of biting into what you think is a traditional Rice Crispy treat and finding a candy surprise in the middle! Multicolored sprinkles add a festive touch to these treats, and you can mix and match the candies hidden inside for added fun. Packed inside plastic eggs, they make a unique addition to any Easter basket. Get the recipe here.
Easter white chocolate candy
Milk and dark chocolate usually get all the attention at Easter, but not with this astounding white chocolate bark in the mix. Crushed peanuts, pretzels, and peanut butter M&Ms create the perfect foil for super sweet white chocolate. Try mixing in other salty treats and candies if you enjoy kitchen adventures. Get the recipe here.
Easter egg truffles
These truffles are a bit of work but worth every minute. White chocolate ganache enclosed in vibrant hard candy shells serves as a gourmet treat to make for the celebration. Keep an eye out for the Easter Bunny, who might be trying to snatch the recipe for next year. Get the recipe here.
Easter egg cookies
Festively decorated sugar cookies are popular for other holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, so why not Easter? Whip up a favorite sugar cookies recipe or pick up a roll of dough at the store and start cutting. Kids love to create their own designs, so get the whole family involved in the project. Get the recipe here.
Chocolate thumbprint cookies
Thumbprint cookies are so versatile because whatever you fill that indentation with turns into the star of the show. Add a dollop of rich creamy chocolate and a hard-shelled chocolate-filled Easter egg candy to these Easter sweets. This dessert is easy, fun and oh so delicious! Get the recipe here.
Peeps Rice Krispie treats
Preparing these treats in a loaf pan is pure genius — and a great time saver. Multicolored layers make a lovely presentation that's easy to serve. Take the time to seek out flavored Peeps to add layers of flavor such as peppermint, chocolate, lime and orange to the dessert. Get the recipe here.
Peeps pops
Stoe-bought candy coatings transform simple Peeps into fun bunny pops with M&M tails. They're easy and less messy for little ones to eat, and just plain fun for the older folks. Use any candies you like for the tails, and dip some of the pieces in crushed graham crackers for a more woodsy rabbit look. Get the recipe here.
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