Check if your face mask is effective with this lighter trick

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The CDC currently advises that you wear a mask in public. In some places, it's even mandatory. Before you leave the house, check the effectiveness of your mask using this simple trick with a lighter. Wearing a surgical mask or a fabric mask helps protect people around you if you’re sick or asymptomatic, but only if you put it on properly.
Handling your mask incorrectly can endanger others as well as yourself. To prevent contaminating yourself, always wash your hands before putting a mask on. Don't touch your face or mask while out in public. When you're ready to take the mask off, wash your hands, remove the mask, throw the surgical mask away or put the fabric mask in the washing machine, then wash your hands again.
- Paper or surgical mask, 2
- Fabric mask
- Hand soap (not shown)
- Water (not shown)
- Lighter
Cooktop Cove
1. To test your surgical or paper mask, start by washing your hands. Put on the mask, and adjust the fit as needed.
2. Attempt to blow out the flame of a lighter. If you can blow out the flame through the mask, double up and put on a second mask. Try again. When you can no longer blow out the flame, your masks will help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading.
3. To test your fabric mask, start by washing your hands. Put on the mask, and adjust the fit as needed.
4. Attempt to blow out the flame of a lighter. You shouldn’t be able to blow out the flame with a fabric mask. If the flame goes out, make or buy a mask with thicker fabric or more layers.
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