10+ home organization ideas for small spaces

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Decluttering and organizing our homes can spark joy, as home organization expert Marie Kondo has reminded us. However, not all of us have the luxury of space or money. Luckily, organizing a small space doesn't need to break the bank. A quick trip to the Dollar Store or Walmart is all you need!
A number of people have come up with great ways to contain clutter and organize items so that they can be easily found. Simply applying a little bit of order removes the chaos and brings the magic back. The ideas below can help "free up" space in your home and restore order.
Hang jeans and shorts on shower rings
Slip a collection of S-hook shower rings over the closet bar and hang a pair of denim on the end of each by the belt loop. This keeps denim wrinkle-free and ready to wear at a moment’s notice.
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Use a shower caddy as a desk organizer
Setting a shower caddy on the desktop is a simple way to keep organized and on task. Divide pencils, markers, highlighters and paperclips among the plastic sectionals, and enjoy being able to find everything quickly. A shower caddy desk organizer functions just as well in a home office as it does right at work.
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Under the bed storage
Storage under the bed is an ideal way to use ignored space while having a convenient place to store items, especially if you have a small space. With pops of bright white paint and rolling wheels, this under the bed storage project is both practical and gorgeous. Now you can store out-of-season clothes or shoes.
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Set up modular shelving using plastic crates
Modular shelving is one of the best ways to add some extra storage to a room, especially when you're working with a limited amount of space. You can set the shelves up however you like, and you can always move them around if necessary.
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Turn a cheap plastic box into yarn dispenser
Do you love yarn crafts but hate how it gets knotted or tangled? A quick trip to the Dollar Store can solve your woes. In the project below, a cheap plastic storage box quickly turns into a functional yarn storage dispenser.
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Connect hangers with a soda tab
Before you turn in a soda can for recycling or a deposit refund, snap off the tab. After rinsing and drying it, slip the larger hole over the hook of a hanger. This leaves the smaller hole for another hanger to hook through. This trick almost doubles closet space.
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Dividers for cutting boards
Tension rods also work vertically. Place them from top to bottom in a cabinet or from a countertop to the underside of a cabinet. In this position, they act as handy dividers for things such as cutting boards and baking sheets.
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Use a lazy Susan as an organizer (and not just in the kitchen)
Most dollar stores sell a budget-friendly version of a lazy Susan that you can place directly on the bathroom sink. When it’s hard to keep track of smaller items and toiletries such as Q-tips, lotions, and soaps that you use every day, place them on this rotating plate to easily find what you need. As an added bonus, by being able to move everything around at one time, you'll find that cleaning the bathroom sink is easier than ever.
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Store towels and toiletries
Instead of spending money on permanent wall fixtures or cupboards for extra storage in the bathroom, use a wire caddy to keep everything from toilet paper to hand towels for ready use. Set the caddy on the floor next to the toilet, sink or shower for convenience and to see at a glance when it’s time to restock.
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Hang up your cookware
Are you running out of cabinet space? Did you just splurge on a designer set of cookware but have no room to put it? The idea below transforms part of a wood stepladder into a rustic yet stylish pot and kitchen utensils hanger.
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Use wood crates as outdoor plant storage
If you have a small space, keeping plants organized can be a challenge. Attaching wood crates together is a simple and affordable way to maximize a small outdoor patio or backyard garden space.
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Hang up necklaces
Necklaces are hard to organize. A dollar store accordian hanger allows you to hang them in a creative and attractive way. By using Command strips you can easily hang these accordian hangars on the wall or a closet door without worry.​
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Use a dollar store pill organizer to organize jewelry
Fill each box with everything from rings and bracelets to necklaces and never have to worry about untangling them or losing them in a single drawer. As an added benefit, a pill organizer also makes it easy to travel with favorite pieces of jewelry knowing they are protected and easy to find.
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Removable wall hooks
Wall hooks may not sound like much, but they are good for holding plastic-bag holders, small trash bags for lightweight items or wall filing organizers. Using removable hooks allows you to place them anywhere you want without worrying about marks if you decide to move them. You can even use them to put up spice packets, as shown in the picture below.
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Keep dishware organized with a pegboard
It turns out you can maximize the space inside your kitchen cabinets too. The idea below costs almost nothing, and you'll only wish you upgraded your kitchen drawers sooner.
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Organize hair tools with file organizer
Keep your curling iron and flat iron separate. Slide the tool into one space in the organizer, and set the cord into the next space. Add hairbrushes or combs to the other slots.
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Stackable jars and labels
Maximize a pantry space by keeping everything organized and labeled. All you need is to pick up some mason jars from the Dollar Store. The key to space saving is to use jars that stack upwards.
Mail sorter
Use cheap wire baskets for mail storage. This will help eliminate clutter on your table since you can hang it up on your wall!
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Easy bathroom storage
The following project by Chas Crazy Creations is easy to put together. Attach 3 Dollar Store bins together and create your own bathroom storage in no time.
Organize gardening supplies
A shoe organizer is designed for a closet but works just as well in a garage or shed for gardening supplies. Watering cans, hoses and seeds often wind up on the floor or a random shelf and can be hard to track down. Keep gardening supplies in one place, saving time you can now spend designing and constructing a beautiful garden.
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