11+ Dollar Tree items you need for your next camping trip

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Whether it's a lazy summer or fall, camping is one of America's timeless pastimes. There's nothing quite like spending the night underneath the stars. Today, camping has evolved beyond traditional tent camping. There's car camping, yurt camping, RV camping, and even glamping for those who want modern luxury and nature at the same time.
As fun as camping is, spending a lot of money on camping gear or supplies doesn't sound too appealing. Luckily, camping doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, a quick trip to the Dollar Tree store can save you a ton of time and money. We've compiled a list of the best camping hacks from the Dollar Tree.
Grab stackable bins
These cheap stackable bins are a must-have for a camping trip! Use them to keep the inside of your tent organized. Use one bin for toiletries and another to hold games and another for camping essentials like bug spray or sunscreen!
Dollar Tree
Use mesh laundry bags for drying dishes
If you've gone camping, you know that doing dishes can be a hassle, especially when it comes to drying them. There's where this hack comes in handy. Simply put wet dishes into a mesh laundry bag and hang it up. Where? A tree limb will work fine!
Dollar Tree
DIY lantern
A large plastic water bottle diffuses the light from a small LED lamp, creating a larger area of light.
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Solar stake lights
If you are looking for an easier way to get some light, be sure to pick up some of these solar stake lights. They are designed for the garden but work just as well around a tent entry way. You can even create a lighted path to the bathroom!
Dollar Tree
Use as a temporary shoe covering
A shower cap can work wonders as a protective covering. Slip each shoe into a shower cap with the elastic facing up to create a temporary covering for outside adventures. The flexible elastic band makes this an ideal solution no matter what the shoe size may be.
Cooktop Cove
Toilet-paper dispenser from a coffee can
Keep toilet paper away from bugs and dirt with this handy dispenser made out of a cardboard coffee can. The can needs to be slightly higher than the toilet paper roll, with a larger circumference.
Cooktop Cove
Use a cake cover over paper plates and utensils
A simple cake cover can prevent paper plates and utensils from blowing away as a result of the wind.
Dollar Tree
Duct tape survival tent
To the trees! For those campers roughing it, duct tape becomes a line on which ponchos can be hung to form a cursory shelter.
Cooktop Cove
Use pool noodles on tent lines
Grab some bright-colored pool noodles the next time you are at the Dollar Tree. Cut pool noodles in half and stick them on tent lines. This makes it easier for you to spot tent lines during the day.
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Squeeze bottles
These plastic squeeze bottles with caps are another essential. Not only do they store traditional condiments like ketchup and mustard but you can also use them to pack ready-made pancake mix prior to your next camping trip.
Dollar Tree
Toothpaste plate
No need to pack an entire tube of toothpaste the next time you head off into the woods for a quiet getaway.
Cooktop Cove
Squirt dots of toothpaste (not gel) onto aluminum foil. Let them set for a few days to harden and scoop them into a bag. This idea is helpful if you're trying to trim weight on a backpacking trip.
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Pack birthday candles
You know those trick candles that are only funny when it's not you blowing them out? Pack a few for a simple waterproof firestarter. Just light the candle and add it to the kindling (You'll waste fewer matches this way too.)
Keep the inside of your tent clean
Make sure to pack a dustpan and brush set. This set is easy-to-store and will help in cleaning off leaves, sand, or dirt that might build up inside your tent.
Dollar Tree
Make laundry easy
Pick up some plastic clotheslines with hooks, so you can easily hang up wet swimsuits, towels, and clothes from a day of fun.
Dollar Tree
Pack some jumbo clothespins
Clothespins aren't just for laundry. The ones from the Dollar Tree are perfect for clamping down tablecloth so it doesn't blow away.
Dollar Tree
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