Grandma comes up with new pool cleaning hack, and it works wonders

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Lisa Pack, 49, from Ohio recently discovered a novel pool cleaning hack that's saving her from endless amounts of scrubbing and work.
Pack was originally dreading having to clean her greenish pool. After all, the average upkeep of keeping a swimming pool clean ranges from $80 to $160 per cleaning.
Remember, while your swimming pool might have chlorine, it doesn't mean debris and other grime won't build up. Typical pool cleaning involves tasks like cleaning the pool surface, vacuuming the pool, cleaning out the waterline, emptying the skimmer and pump baskets, and scrubbing down the steps and railings.
Over time, particularly in the summertime, your pool might begin to have a green tint. This is due to algae growth and is a signal your pool has an imbalance. For instance, there might not be enough chlorine.
Luckily, thanks to folks like Lisa Pack, pool owners from all over are saving hundreds of dollars and hours of time on pool maintenance. Keep reading for some of the best pool cleaning hacks we've found around the web:
1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Lisa Pack used to spend 45 minutes a week every year to clean her pool, but there was always some level of cloudiness and greenness. She never understood why she couldn't get rid of the cloudiness. That was until she discovered the power of the Magic Eraser.
Pack writes, "I threw [a Magic Eraser] in the skimmer basket and holla bing holla boom the cloudiness left [my pool], and my sponge looks like this. I’m pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much."
2. Use pantyhose around a skimmer
Pool skimmers are used to remove debris such as leaves or large bugs, but sometimes you need something a bit stronger. Here's where the pantyhose comes in.
Wrap pantyhose around a skimmer to double its power and stop finer debris. Make sure the pantyhose is properly secured and replace it once it gets dirty.
3. Use diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock powder. If your pool has a sand filter, add a scoop of this powder to help keep the pool clean. DE helps clump the sand together, so a barrier is formed against tiny particles and debris. This makes the filter much more powerful.
4. Tennis ball
We often use sunscreen when we swim out in the pool. Problematically, the sunscreen can leave oily residue behind in the pool, attracting unwanted bugs.
What do you do? Next time, drop a tennis ball or two into the pool. Believe it or not, the fuzz on a tennis ball can help soak up oil. It also can attract pet and dog hair.
5. When getting rid of bugs
Nothing is more annoying than finding insects, bugs, bees, or other pests in your pool. The giant ones can ruin your mood while you are taking a nice dip on a warm summer day.
Don't fear! Next time, place dryer sheets in the filter baskets of your pool. The sheets act as a magnet for unwanted insects. You can also use citronella candles around your pool as the smell can also deter pests.
6. When cleaning stains
The next time you want to keep your pool stain-free, consider visiting your own pantry versus buying expensive store-bought products. Common pantry products such as vinegar, lime, and baking soda can do wonders for your pool.
Use vinegar against calcium buildup, lime juice for rust or metal stains, and baking soda for dirty tiles.
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