Top casserole recipes of all time

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Casseroles have been a staple of family dinners for decades. Call them old-fashioned if you must, but there's a reason we still make them when we want something easy but satisfying to eat. The strength of the casserole is the simplicity in the execution. You cook everything in one pan, and then you divvy it out to serve it to your dinner guests or your family.
The long history of casseroles on American dinner tables also means they have a comfort food quality most of us relish. However, that doesn't mean we can't try new twists on the casserole blueprint. Here are some of the top casserole recipes of all time. There's something here for everyone to try at home.
Cheesy corn casserole
Cooktop Cove
I love this cheesy corn casserole because it’s a quick comfort food that is super easy to make. It’s the perfect side dish for the holidays or to bring along to a potluck. Even better is that there are no dirty dishes to clean up besides the casserole dish.
Delicious food and easy cleanup — who doesn’t love that? If this describes you, then this recipe is for you. For this cheesy corn casserole recipe and others like it, be sure to check out 6+ corn casseroles you can make that'll make any dinner a success.
Turkey noodle casserole
Cooktop Cove
Tuna casserole is the ultimate comfort dish in many households. In others, it has one main ingredient that may have some turning up their nose: tuna. There's no reason these tuna-adverse people should have to miss out on the goodness this casserole brings, though. There's a very simple solution. Swap out tuna for turkey, as in the recipe that follows.
This casserole really is identical to tuna casserole but without the fish. As it turns out, cream of mushroom soup goes just as well with turkey. For this turkey noodle casserole and others like it, be sure to check out 7+ turkey casseroles so good, you'll cook extra turkey on Thanksgiving to ensure leftovers.
Monte Cristo casserole
Cooktop Cove
Monte Cristo sandwiches have remained one of the most popular diner items for decades, and for good reason. They're creamy, cheesy and simply beautiful. All the dipping and flipping is a pain, though, especially when you just want a sandwich.
This recipe takes no effort and has fewer than 5 ingredients to bring you the sandwich you're looking for without all the hassle. For this Monte Cristo casserole recipe and others like it, be sure to check out 8 easy casseroles that require 5 or fewer ingredients.
Cherry pie bubble-up casserole
Cooktop Cove
I love eating dessert, but I don’t always love making it. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t want to bother with a lot of fussy measuring and stirring. I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. The recipe below is just the thing: a gooey, buttery dessert casserole that practically makes itself.
This recipe is delicious just as written, but if you’re feeling fancy you could sprinkle it with cinnamon or stir a little vanilla into the glaze. For this cherry bubble up casserole and others like it, be sure to check out 7+ casseroles made with biscuits that your whole family will love.
3-cheese scalloped potato casserole
Scalloped potatoes is a dish that is generally kept for special occasions. With a rich cream running through layers and layers of potatoes — and typically chock-full of cheese — it's definitely not something you eat when you're watching your diet.
If you are on a diet, here's a trick you can use. The trick is to swap half the heavy cream for chicken or vegetable stock. It's a small change that takes out hundreds of calories, but because cream is still in there, the reduction is not missed a bit. For this 3 cheese scalloped potatoes recipe and others like it, be sure to check out these 7+ tasty potato casseroles that you can serve up any night of the week.
Grandma's chicken casserole
Sometimes you just need to get dinner on the table. You don't have a whole lot of time for prep, and you certainly don't want to be standing over the stove after a long day. However, you also want to eat something that's full of flavor and doesn't feel as though you've skimped on anything. The recipe below is the solution.
It's called grandma's casserole for a reason: It's full of comfort, cheese and a bit of crunch from Ritz crackers. For this Grandma's chicken casserole recipe and others like it, be sure to check out 7+ casseroles that will make grandma proud.
Chicken alfredo casserole
Cooktop Cove
Creamy, rich and so darn tasty! This wonderfully delicious chicken alfredo casserole recipe is the perfect meal for any day of the week. The rich creamy flavor of the Alfredo sauce pairs perfectly with the combination of spinach and chicken.
How easy is this dish to make, you ask? With three simple steps you won't have to stress! For this chicken alfredo casserole recipe and others like this, check out these 7+ easy casseroles that you can whip up in a pinch.
Breakfast lasagna
Food Done Good
Do you love french toast? This recipe is a twist on a classic. The ingredients include French toast, eggs, maple syrup, ham, cheese, and hash browns. That's right! With each bite, you get a small taste of your favorite breakfast items. The best part? It's easy to put together!
For this French toast breakfast lasagna recipe and others like it, be sure to check out these 8+ top breakfast lasagna recipes.
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