Man pours vinegar into toilet bowl & shows off clever tip

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Behold vinegar, one of the most common household items found today. We all keep it in the house, but do we really know its true capabilities? 
It turns out vinegar came about purely by accident. Some genius forgot about his wine cask until its contents had fermented past the alcohol stage.  
The word "vinegar" comes from the French, who named it "vin aigre," which, interestingly enough, directly translates to sour wine. Vinegar has been produced since then from varying ingredients including, but not limited to, grapes, fruits, berries, beer, potatoes and grains. 
Since its discovery thousands of years ago, many uses have been found for vinegar. From making medicinal drinks, to condiments and preservatives, vinegar's possible uses are endless.
Here at SF Globe, we put our vinegar to use one way by testing it as a cleaning solution.
Do you ever look around your bathroom and think about how disgusting it is, but you just don't have enough minutes in the day to clean? Well, here is a simple trick to clean your bathroom in 15 minutes.
Cleaning With Vinegar
You will need the following: 
— a dirty toilet
— a dirty mirror
— distilled white vinegar
— water
— a spray bottle
— protective gloves
— paper towels
Pour one cup of vinegar into your dirty toilet bowl. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
While you're waiting, take a look and see what else needs cleaning — a dirty mirror perhaps?
SF Globe
Fill a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and water and spray the contents directly onto the scum.
Wipe the mirror clean until you can see your beautiful face again.
When you're finished, go back to the toilet. Give it a flush and watch as the dirt goes down the drain. (Watch video below for the full effect.)
SF Globe
As you can see — two areas in the bathroom are sparkling clean in less than 15 minutes with two simple steps each. Are you going to try this? Let us know in the comments below, and watch the video to see how fast and great cleaning with vinegar works! 
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