Cooktop Cove: Lady sifts baking soda over mattress. You'll want to copy her, too
By Debbie Guadan
It's not one of those topics for a night out with the girls: Hey, who wants to spill their mattress-cleaning secrets? 
Which is why sometimes it's better to venture beyond your circle of friends for a little assistance with cleanup duties. Here's where the tips below can lend a helping hand.
Now you might be fretting because your schedule is already packed and it's difficult enough to keep the living areas and bathroom sparkling. Your bed, however, is a place where you spend roughly one-third of your day and its cleanliness can affect your life.
Or consider this tidbit from Clean My Space: "The average person sweats out about a half pint of perspiration, each and every night." Now do we have your attention?
One main problem is that once the sheets are off and in the washer, we avoid thinking about the dirt on the mattress. Here are a few tips:
 — It is best to vacuum every time you rotate your mattress, or once a season. The key: use a clean upholstery attachment since the vacuum has, well, a dirty job.
— Deodorize the mattress by sifting baking soda over it, let it sit for 30 minutes and then vacuum it up with the clean upholstery attachment.
— If you need to tackle stains, the main three are protein, grease and tannin, with protein being the ones you see on the mattress. It's best to blot liquid stains, using a pressing motion. 
Happy cleaning!
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