Cooktop Cove: How to make rainbow meringue cookies
By Henry Cannon
Cherrylane said she started baking when she was 12 years young, and the now crazy popular YouTube chef hasn't slowed down a bit. She's the brains (and baker) behind Cherrylane's Cupcakes, a YouTube channel with nearly 9 million video views. Cherrylane says she loves to bake simply because it makes her happy. 
Primarily she makes cupcakes, as the title of her channel would suggest. Additionally, she's tried her hand at cookies, muffins, and biscuits. Below, you'll get a glimpse at her most popular recipe, the rainbow rose meringue cookies.
To begin, she beats the egg white mixture until stiff peaks begin to form. 
Then she divides the mixture into separate bowls and adds food coloring to each one. Here's your chance to get creative with the colors. If you're making these cookies near Halloween, why not add some orange and yellow hues?
Once the food coloring is mixed in, Cherrylane spoons the mixture into a piping bag, carefully distributing it so you get a nice even swirl.
Finally, she pipes the mixture onto the baking tray. Then said tray goes in the oven for roughly an hour and a half. 
They almost look too beautiful to eat! Check out the video version of the recipe below.
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