Cooktop Cove: Easy-to-make cupcakes baked inside ice cream conesĀ 
By Henry Cannon
These days, it seems that cupcakes have surpassed cakes (and most other treats) in terms of popularity. There's something appealing about their size and elegance, and numerous chefs and bakers have capitalized on that. Ten or so years ago, cupcake stores were a rare commodity, but now they seem to be on every street corner.
With the cupcake trend in full bloom, professional bakers and home chefs alike are trying their hand at cupcake innovations. Take, for instance, Claudia Zuñiga, a YouTube baker who just recently featured a tutorial for ice cream cupcakes. Full disclosure: the recipe doesn't actually call for ice cream, but the batter is cooked in ice cream cones.
Here's how it starts. Place foil over a baking dish and cut cross shapes into it, as seen below.
Now stick the cones in said slits.
Mix together the cake batter of your choosing.
Scoop the batter into the ice cream cones and stick your baking dish into the oven. 
While the cupcakes bake, it's time to get started on the frosting.
Once the cupcakes are out of the oven and have cooled sufficiently, pipe frosting onto each and every one.
Decorate your cupcakes as desired, and enjoy!
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