Cooktop Cove: Get the gunk off your dirty racks with this one effortless hack
By Roxanne Goldberg
Oven racks are impossible to clean, aren't they? No matter how much you scrub, that overflowed mac and cheese just won't come off. And, the turkey drippings from hosting Thanksgiving are still on there, too. Admittedly, all those nooks and crannies are simply infuriatingly hard to clean. So, don't do it.
The following is perhaps one of the greatest tips in cleaning oven racks. There's nothing glamorous about these photos, but who doesn't love a sparking clean oven? Few things are more difficult to clean than hardened dirt build up on oven racks. Oven cleaners have harsh chemicals that often require you to wear rubber gloves and air out the kitchen.
The following is a safer and equally effective solution using dish soap and dryer sheets. Plus, there's no endless scrubbing!
Let's get started!
You need a bathtub for this!
1/2 cup dish soap
6 dryer sheets
1. To begin, line a bath tub with old towels to prevent scratching the tub's surface.
2. Place the oven racks in the tub and fill it with hot water until the racks are covered.
3. Add 1/2 cup of dish soap and 6 dryer sheets to the water. Allow the racks to sit in this mixture overnight. 
4. The next day, the racks will not be perfectly clean, but the dirt will have been significantly loosened.
5. Take your magic ingredient, the dryer sheets that have been soaking in the water, and use them to wipe the remaining dirt off the racks. 
6. Ta da! Once dry, put racks back into your oven! Look at that sparkle!
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