Cooktop Cove: A sure delight for all the family: Crock pot Italian chicken with potatoes
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Even the most finicky eaters can't resist a perfectly-cooked chicken, and this scrumptious recipe is quite the crowd pleaser. Better still, preparing this hearty meal is as easy as dumping ingredients in your slow cooker and leaving it alone for eight hours. 
The Crock-Pot Ladies' take on Italian chicken combines all our favorite aspects of slow cooking — they cleverly cut the right corners, they arrange the ingredients thoughtfully for the best possible results, and they make cleanup a breeze.
Rather than use an array of spices to season the dish, they use Italian dressing, Italian seasoning, and parmesan cheese. That's it. If you'd rather get fancy with it, Skinny Ms. has a recipe that is equally delicious.
Also, you'll note that they layer the ingredients to prevent anything from becoming soggy. The Crock-Pot Ladies use potatoes, but Budget Bytes' variation with peppers and marinara sauce is just as hearty.
To finish, just serve your chicken with a side of rice or pasta. One bite and you'll be sure to add this recipe to your regular dinner rotation.
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