Cooktop Cove: Here's the fastest and easiest way to cube a watermelon for serving
By Angela Brown
Watermelon is quite possibly the tastiest fruit to enjoy during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, getting to that juicy fruit can be a bit of a hassle. Most everyone has their own method for cutting away the rind to get to the red, tasty goodness.
Luckily, if you are a fan of cubed watermelon, we've found the fastest way to get the big ol' watermelon into the perfect cubed shape for serving. With the following method, you can take watermelon cutting to an entirely different level.
Here are the supplies you need (in addition to your watermelon): a cutting board, knife, and large bowl.
First, you'll cut the watermelon in half (short-ways).
Next flip one-half of the cut watermelon over, so the rind is facing up.
Using a sharp knife to peel the rind away, leaving the watermelon (and some white) behind.
Cut your watermelon in slices short-ways.
Turn the cutting board and repeat your cuts.
To get the watermelon into the bowl, place a bowl over the top of your watermelon.
Flip the board and ... presto! You'll end up with strips instead of slices, but you'll also have less mess!
Now, just pull out some toothpicks, and you're ready to serve!
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