Cooktop Cove: Stop fumbling with that bell pepper: Here's how to cut it like a pro
By Wendy Tanielian
Safety should be a priority when cutting or chopping anything in the kitchen. However, peppers — and their mouth- and eye-irritating seeds — require special precautions. This article offers easy instructions involving the minimum number of cuts to cleanly and safely cut peppers.
The technique below works for chopped pieces or strips, but not for stuffing whole bell peppers.
1. Begin on a clean cutting surface. Be sure to wash your pepper thoroughly so all dirt is removed.
2. Slice the pepper top off like so.
3. Make a similar slice for the bottom.
4. Make an incision along the edge to remove the center seeds with knife using a circular motion.
Do not make any tears in the pepper skin. This is just to remove the seeds.
5. Spread the pepper skin flat across cutting board as shown by picture below.
6. Cut into strips!
To dice, put all the strips together first and then cut. This will save a lot more time!
You can adjust the size of the dice however you please!
7. Now let's take care of the bottom end that was cut. Cut that into strips and then dice again, if desired.
8. As for the top half of the pepper, remove the stem.
Then cut into strips or dice further as desired.
Enjoy the result!
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