Cooktop Cove: How to make butternut squash in a slow cooker
By Johnny Ornelas
Butternut squash can be a bit intimidating. Rest assured there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the recipes below. The best part is that you can cook the entire squash whole in a slow cooker. How easy is that?
Full recipe: Slow cooker butternut squash
Slow cooker creamy spaghetti squash. Put a whole squash in your slow cooker, and in no time you'll be able to devour a creamy dinner everyone will love.
Slow cooker whole cabbage with ham. Place a whole cabbage in the center of sa low cooker and get ready to enjoy a scrumptious meal.
Slow cooker whole cauliflower. Cooking a whole cauliflower in a slow cooker means you'll have a tasty meal in no time.
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