Cooktop Cove: 4 'impossible' slow cooker recipes that will make you throw out your oven
By Jessica Jacobs
Your slow cooker is a magical device. Most likely, you've used it to braise food, make stews, or maybe even prepared the occasional soup, but it's a far more flexible appliance than you might think.
To a large extent, almost anything you might consider preparing in your oven, you can also prepare in your slow cooker. Yes, that means you could make a pizza in your slow cooker. You could make an apple pie. You could even bake bread if you so desired. Keep reading for 6 impossible recipes:
1. Cheesecake
You might be surprised to learn that this recipe is incredibly simple — yes, simple. The finished recipe gives you a delicious graham cracker crust made from scratch and a sweet, silky-smooth cake.
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2. No-knead bread
This easy no-knead slow cooker bread recipe is perfect for bread lovers with busy schedules. No need to plan a day ahead. Start this bread earlier in the day and have a warm freshly baked loaf ready by dinner.
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3. Pizza
Not everything made in your slow cooker needs to be a stew, soup, or meat. Surprisingly, your slow cooker is more versatile than you think. Check out the following pizza recipe that can be made with just three ingredients.
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4. Pecan pie
In this fantastic recipe, basic pie dough is pressed into the bottom of your slow cooker and topped off with a simply delicious (and deliciously simple) homemade pecan pie filling. Only 8 basic ingredients are required to produce a dessert so sumptuous, you should be prepared to be absolutely inundated with requests for the recipe!
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