Cooktop Cove: 10+ things in your house you never thought to clean but should
By Angela Brown
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your cleaning prowess? If you spend your Saturdays scrubbing down walls, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning toilets, you may think your cleaning routine is thorough. But, is it possible you've been missing a few sneaky spots?
Keep reading to find out which spots are most likely to be missed in the regular household cleaning routine so you can add them to your to-do list.
1. Vents
While you know when your vents aren't working properly, you might not think about the otherwise. But your vents should be cleaned at least twice a year to remove dust and dirt buildup. Not only will it look better, but it's especially important for people who have allergies.
2. Light switches
How many times have hands touched the light switches in your home? Germs spread from your hands whenever we touch something. I'd hate to take a black light to my light switches... Pay special attention to cleaning switches in the kitchen and the bathroom.
3. Door handles
A 2005 study discovered that only 82 percent of people who used public restrooms washed their hands afterward, making the door handle one of the ickiest places in public to touch, according to Forbes. How confident are you that everyone who's used the restroom in your home always washes their hands? Make a point to sanitize the door handles in your home at least twice a month.
4. Staircase railings
Staircase railings need special attention partially because of the handholding. If your family tosses jackets or backpacks over the railings (or you have an adventurous sort that likes to slide down the banister), there's even more, germs on the surface. Wipe down railings about once a month... more often in heavy traffic areas.
5. Bathroom mats
Fortunately, my husband is super picky about our bathroom so our bathroom mats get washed at least twice a month (sometimes once a week), but in many homes, these are easily overlooked. Dirty feet, splashing water from the toilet/tub all add up to a lot of germs. Toss these into your washer once a week or so to remove bacteria.
6. Iron
Your iron likely isn't covered in germs, but the bottom could be coated in minerals and build up. Cleaning your iron regularly will make it last longer. Check out this tutorial from Real Simple to get your iron sparkling clean.
7. Storage baskets
When's the last time you dusted off that storage basket where you keep your blankets or the kid's toys? Germs and dust can build up steadily because these containers may be used regularly but hardly cleaned. Aim to wipe them down at least once a month.
8. Vaccum
Does a cleaner need cleaning? Yes, yes it does. Your vacuum can get dusty and germy, plus the bottom of your vacuum drags dirt and germs around on a regular basis. Wipe down the vacuum handle at least once a month, change the filters every three months and do a quick wash down every few months too.
9. Remote control
Soooo many germs! From germy hands (sick-day TV for the win), and pets and getting tossed on the floor or in the couch, your remote controls have plenty of exposure to germs. Sanitize your remote at least once a month and always sanitize it after someone has been sick to keep the germ from lingering.
10. Toothbrush holder
Of course, you toss your old toothbrush every four months like a good dental patient, but when's the last time you washed the toothbrush holder? Not only does the holder get icky from toothpaste and water splashes, it gets mighty germ-laden too. Toss it in the dishwasher once a week for a quick clean.
11. Pillows
You need to wash your pillows at least once every six months. Your sweat and skin and drool make one icky mess. You can wash most pillows in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Avoid the annoying lump, by air drying your pillow. Wash your pillow cases at least once a month, according to Good Housekeeping.
12. Reusable grocery bags
You're being eco-friendly and that's fantastic! But, those reusable bags get gross. From food germs to germs from your hands, germs from the cart and germs from the trunk, those reusable bags need a little TLC. You can toss cloth bags right into the washer. If your bags are a little more plastic, wash them down with soap and water by hand.
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