Cooktop Cove: Stop buying expensive cleaners for your countertops and make one at home instead (+ 8 homemade cleaning products)
By Jacinta M. Carter
Every store has at least one aisle completely dedicated to cleaning products. While this is convenient, it's also expensive. It's also not very environmentally friendly, if that's something that concerns you. But if you don't buy these cleaning products, what are you supposed to do instead?
Well, you could always just let your house be dirty. That's definitely an option. But if you'd prefer to have a house that isn't a complete mess, you have other options that don't involve forking over a bunch of money for chemical-filled cleaning products. Instead, just make your own cleaners!
1. Toilet bowl cleaner (h/t Inhabitat)
Instead of spending money of chemical-filled cleaners for your toilet, make your own. All you need is 1 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Mix them, put them in the toilet bowl, let them sit for 15 minutes and then scrub the bowl as usual.
2. Wood floor cleaner (h/t Mom 4 Real)
If you have wood floors in need of cleaning, gather up 8 tablespoons castile soap, 1/4 cup vinegar and lemon essential oil. Combine these items with almost a gallon of water and shake well. When you're ready to mop your floors, add 1 cup of this mixture to 1 gallon of hot water and get started.
3. Touchscreen cleaner (h/t The Mamas Girls)
For those of you who control your computers, phones and various other devices by touch, just imagine for a second all the germs that are currently living on your screens. Are you thoroughly grossed out? You should be. And now that you're aware of the problem, here's a solution: combine vinegar and water in a spray bottle. And that's pretty much it. Wipe off your screen with a dry cloth, spray your cleaning solution onto another soft cloth and gently wipe down your screen with it.
4. Tub & tile cleaner (h/t Passion for Savings)
Next time you're in the store, just ignore that aisle filled with products promising to give your bathroom the best clean ever. You don't need them. All you need is 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and 2 teaspoons of dish soap. Mix these together in a squeeze bottle, pour a little onto a rag, wipe it all over your bathtub or tile floor and then scrub over it with a wet sponge.
5. Stainless steel cleaner (h/t Karissa's Vegan Kitchen)
Like so many other things, your stainless steel appliances can be cleaned with a combination of vinegar and water. Just spray some on the appliance and then wipe it off, going in the direction of the grain. To add a little extra shine after you're finished cleaning, pour some olive oil onto a soft cloth and use it to buff away any leftover smudges.
6. Glass cleaner (h/t Saving Money Living Smart)
Instead of wasting money on glass cleaners that will likely leave streaks on your windows and mirrors, just grab your dish soap from the kitchen. Squirt 1 tablespoon of it into 2 quarts of water in a spray bottle, spray it on your window or mirror, wash the glass and then wipe it dry with a clean cloth.
7. Granite cleaner (h/t One Good Thing)
Due to the popularity of granite countertops, there are plenty of granite cleaning products you can buy, all of which claim to be the best. But why spend all that money if you can make a great cleaner on your own? All you need is 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, 3 drops of dish soap and enough water to fill the rest of a 16-ounce spray bottle. Spray this combination onto your counters and use a soft cloth to buff it dry.
8. Dishwasher detergent (h/t Bren Did)
Do you want a homemade dishwasher detergent that not only cleans your dishes but also smells great? Well, you're in luck! Heat up some lemon chunks and water until the water has a syrup-like quality. Add this to 2 cups of water in a blender and blend on high until it's smooth. Strain it into a saucepan where you'll add vinegar and salt. Boil this mixture, then cool it before storing it in a glass container. Every time you run your dishwasher, just pour about 3 tablespoons of this into your detergent dispenser.
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