Cooktop Cove: Whip out those pickles. Here are 5+ yummy low-carb pickle snacks that'll make everyone want seconds
By Rhona Reid
Pickles add so much to a dish with their tangy flavor and crunch. Low-carb and yummy, pickles are perfect for when you're trying to cut out carbs without cutting out delicious food.
Pickle lovers, it's your lucky day. These amazing recipes feature pickles as a supporting ingredient or the star attraction. All you need to do is pick(le) your favorite.
Tuna salad pickle boats
Cute pickle boats and a creamy tuna filling with the warmth of mustard and the fresh crunch of celery create a fabulous low-carb snack for a light lunch or as part of a buffet. Get the full recipe here.
Fire and ice pickles
Making a jar of pickles to add to sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs is time well-spent. This recipe results in perfectly spicy, sweet and acidic pickles that will add pizzazz to anything. They taste pretty good straight out of the jar as well. Get the full recipe here.
Dill pickle egg salad
Eggs and pickles work really well together in lots of recipes. Their cordial relationship is demonstrated beautifully in this video with a simple but perfect combination of creamy and crunchy textures and a deliciously spoonable flavor! Get the full recipe here.
Dill pickle deviled eggs
It's already been already mentioned that eggs and pickles work well together, and this recipe demonstrates it beautifully. Dill gives a supporting flavor for a touch of herby freshness. Be warned, though: These little snacks will prove very popular, so make more of them than you think you'll need. Get the full recipe here.
Bacon cheeseburger pizza
Can pizza be low in carbs? It sure can and, what's more, it tastes amazing. The genius almond flour and mozzarella crust is nothing short of scrumptious, and the meaty pickle topping with low-carb sauce is an absolute winner. Get the full recipe here.
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