Cooktop Cove: Stainless steel doesn't have to be hard to clean, just follow these 7 tips
By Jacinta M. Carter
Stainless steel appliances look amazing when they're clean. When they get a little streaky, smudged or just plain dirty, though, they aren't quite as impressive. It can difficult to keep stainless steel clean, especially if you have kids. Sometimes it seems like you've just finished cleaning your appliances and they're already covered in fingerprints again.
Luckily for you, there are ways to clean your stainless steel appliances and keep them looking nice. Most of these tips require only materials you already have around your house. Collect a few unusual cleaning supplies, a microfiber cloth and get started!
1. Baking soda
The simplest solution for a dirty stainless steel sink is a box of baking soda. That's right! You don't need any special brand-name cleaning products. Just sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda into the sink and scrub with a damp sponge (or an old toothbrush). When you're done scrubbing, just rinse everything down the drain, and enjoy your shiny sink.
2. Vinegar & olive oil
The hardest part about keeping your stainless steel appliances clean is getting rid of fingerprints and smudges. A great way to avoid this problem is to spray your appliance with vinegar, and then wipe it clean. Next, pour a little olive oil onto a clean cloth and rub with the grain on your appliance. Finish by buffing your appliance with a clean, dry cloth. This should help prevent new smudges while wiping away old ones.
3. Old English cleaner
If you don't mind using store-bought cleaners for your stainless steel appliances, then Old English cleaner is your best option. Just put a small dab on a microfiber cloth, and rub it on the appliance in circular motions. Do this over the entire appliance, and you'll have it looking shiny and new in about 10 minutes.
4. WD-40
When you think of WD-40, you probably don't think of cleaning, right? Well, surprisingly enough, you can use WD-40 to clean your stainless steel appliances. Spray it directly on the surface of your appliance and buff it with a paper towel. Work in small sections until you've cleaned your entire appliance.
5. Flour
If you're going to use flour to clean your stainless steel sink, make sure you're starting with a completely dry sink. Sprinkle a thick layer of flour into your sink, and use a paper towel to buff the flour, much like waxing a car. Continue this until your sink starts to shine and then remove the excess flour.
6. Baby oil
For those of you who have kids, you're probably used to cleaning their fingerprints off of your stainless steel appliances. If you're tired of this never-ending chore, grab a bottle of baby oil, which you also probably have around the house if your kids are still pretty little. Start by wiping down your appliance with a soft, damp rag. If your appliances are really dirty, add a little vinegar to the rag. Put a little baby oil on a clean rag, and wipe it with the grain on your appliance. When you've covered everything, use a dry section of your cloth to buff the oil off. Continue buffing until all the streaks are gone.
7. Pledge
You've probably used Pledge on various furniture around your house, but have you ever tried it on your stainless steel appliances? You can either spray the Pledge straight onto your appliance or put it on a clean cloth, but make sure you use a generous amount. Leave it for a few minutes to soak in before using a clean cloth to wipe in a circular motion until all of the Pledge is removed.
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