Cooktop Cove: 7 delicious vegetarian dumplings that'll make any dinner a success
By Melissa Earl
Many people only eat dumplings when they order them in restaurants, because making them at home seems like way too much work!
However, it's a surprisingly simple process, and homemade dumplings are usually way more delicious than the ones you get in restaurants. Enlist a few helpers and try one of these awesome recipes!
1. Pan-fried vegetable dumplings (h/t Serious Eats)
This is much more than a simple vegetable dumpling — it's a dumpling filled with carrots, cabbage, wood ear mushrooms, seitan, and five spice tofu. You won't believe how tasty they are until you make them yourself!
2. Carrot dumplings (h/t Omnivore's Cookbook)
Carrot is the main ingredient in these delicious dumplings, but they also contain mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and garlic and ginger for flavor. The recipe makes 45 dumplings, so you can freeze some to enjoy later!
3. Chinese New Year ginger cabbage dumplings (h/t The Seasoned Vegetable)
Dumplings are traditionally served on Chinese New Year, but you can enjoy them whenever you like! Don't forget to make the dipping sauce — it adds some amazing flavor.
4. Vegetarian dumplings with mushrooms (h/t Cook For Your Life)
These simple dumplings contain little more than mushrooms, garlic, ginger, and scallions, but they're really tasty! They're meant to go in dumpling soup, but you can also enjoy them on their own if you prefer.
5. Chickpeas and dumplings (h/t Oh My Veggies)
There are more kinds of dumplings out there than Asian dumplings! This chickpeas and dumplings recipe is a vegetarian spin on traditional chicken and dumplings, and it's the perfect comfort food for cold winter nights.
6. Cabbage, watercress, and pine nut dumplings (h/t Food and Wine)
These dumplings are nice and crunchy thanks to the cabbage, watercress, and pine nut filling! You can choose whether you want to boil or steam them, but don't forget to serve them with soy sauce for dipping.
7. Korean fried vegetable dumplings (h/t The Washington Post)
Unlike the other dumplings on this list, these ones are deep-fried! However, they contain a ton of different veggies, so you don't have to feel guilty about indulging in them.
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