Cooktop Cove: 9 of the best vegetarian recipes that are made with white wine
By Sheree McDonald
White wine adds a bit of sweetness to any dish that you add it to. It works by cooking down the alcohol so only the flavor remains. The result is an incredible taste and aroma that brightens any meal.
If you aren't used to cooking with white wine then it may be overwhelming to know where to start. We've gathered nine of the best white wine dishes out there that are sure to keep you and your family coming back for more.
1. Vegan garlic Alfredo pasta with Brussel sprouts (h/t Minimalist Baker)
You've never tried a cream sauce quite like this! The white wine and garlic come together to create the most tasty white sauce. The addition of Brussel sprouts makes it even more filling.
2. Sautéed mushrooms in white wine, garlic and lemon (h/t Best Recipe Box)
You've never had sautéed mushrooms quite like this! If you're looking for a fast way to serve up your favorite side then this is definitely a must-try. You'll love how simple it is to create this dish that's loaded with flavor.
3. Cauliflower scampi in lemon garlic white wine sauce (h/t Veggie Inspired)
Cauliflower makes for a great meat substitute. This delicious meal that is covered in decadent sauce will be everything you've always hoped for. Plus, you can have it on your table in as little as 30 minutes.
4. Eggplant cacciatore (h/t Conisseurus Veg)
This colorful, melt-in-your-mouth recipe is exactly what you need to try this week. The complex flavors is just what you need to get out of your weekday meal rut.
5. White wine pasta with asparagus (h/t This Savory Vegan)
The buttery sauce coupled with the fresh asparagus makes this dish a real crowd pleaser. It's light enough to enjoy for lunch, but filling enough to serve as a main course dinner.
6. The ultimate stuffed artichoke recipe (h/t Cooking on the Weekends)
This dish is perfect for a party! It's easy to share and scrumptiously filling. Forget the dip. This pull-apart recipe is just what you need if you want to bring a smile to your guest's faces.
7. Vegetarian pot pie (h/t Life Currents Blog)
This type of recipe proves why white wine matters. The creamy, rich sauce is brought to life by adding the whine and allowing the flavor to take hold. The result is a filling dish that is perfect for a family dinner.
8. Sun dried tomato pasta (h/t Pasta Based)
This pasta dish brings out the most deliciously complex flavors. The roasted tomatoes are cooked perfectly with a little help from the white wine. You won't believe how amazing this simple dish tastes!
9. Braised leeks (h/t Fox and Briar)
Who knew that leeks could be so delicious? The white wine transforms an ordinary leek into a sweet and succulent side dish that will keep everybody coming back for more.
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