Cooktop Cove: 7 vegetarian recipes with eggplant that you're gonna fall in love with
By Rhona Reid
Eggplant - known as aubergine in some parts of Europe - can be white, pale pink, green or have a mottled purple/white stripe. The long, thin Asian varieties can be slightly sweet, while the smooth, glossy deep purple eggplant is the one we're most familiar with.
Eggplant is great at soaking up flavors, and has an affinity with garlic, tomatoes, herbs and spices as well as mozzarella cheese. However, it's flavor transforms when chargrilled or roasted, and the flesh become deliciously soft and smoky. Check out no 7 for a fantastic example of this transformation!
1. Grilled veggie pasta salad (h/t Laura in the Kitchen)
Watch Laura's terrific video for easy-to-follow steps and lots of foodie inspiration! This gloriously colorful dish is perfect for a family supper or to eat cold for a lunchtime salad the following day!
2. Vegan eggplant parmesan (h/t Minimalist Baker)
If you know anyone who thinks that vegan food is dull or tasteless, then serve them this! Everything from the crisp and yielding textures, to the marinara sauce and vegan parmesan work so beautifully. Total winner!
3. Grilled eggplant and basil vegetarian pizza (h/t The Spruce)
If you need proof that eggplant, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil just love each other, then make this! The flavors are fabulous and this would make a brilliant casual lunch dish with friends!
4. Veggie-stuffed eggplant (h/t Taste of Home)
Eggplant is perfect for stuffing and this recipe gives an easy method to perfect the skill. Lots of veggies, lots of flavor and tons of nutritional value; this is perfect for a hearty weekday fix.
5. Imam bayildi (h/t Lazy Cat Kitchen)
Imam bayildi roughly translates as 'the priest fainted,' although why he did has a handful of different explanations! What's certain though, is that this gloriously rich, spice-fragrant recipe is an absolute joy to eat and would make a brilliant dinner party dish for lucky friends!
6. Layered eggplant and zucchini casserole (h/t Oh She Glows)
This layered casserole dish is testament to how wonderful vegetables can taste. The herbs, the beans, the eggplant itself, all bound together with tomato-based's straightforward hearty food for the discerning vegetarian!
7. Baba ghanoush (h/t Tori Avey)
People get pretty passionate about baba ghanoush, and frankly, we get it. The rich, smoky, piquant dip is heavenly served with warmed pita bread. Or chips. Or just a spoon.
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