Cooktop Cove: 7 super easy home cooked meals that are made in a hot dog bun
By Rhona Reid
It's probably a scientific fact that any food cooked or served up in a hot dog bun is 100% more fun to eat! If you constantly find that you have leftover hot dog or burger rolls, then you really need to find something delicious to do with them!
These recipes combine some cool ideas with serious yumminess for the perfect sleepover supper, mouthwatering lunch or fuel for watching the big game. You'll love number've never had hot dog rolls like this before!
1. Oven baked meatball sandwich (h/t Home Cooking Memories)
Make this and be everyone's hero! Meatballs and marinara sauce stuffed into hot dog rolls with melting mozzarella is a total crowd-pleaser and would make the perfect sleepover night treat!
2. Smoky vegan carrot dogs (h/t Brand New Vegan)
If you think that pretending a carrot is a hotdog sounds a little...worthy, then prepare to be amazed! Cooking whole carrots with liquid smoke, maple syrup, chili and garlic is an absolute revelation. Serve in hot dog rolls with your favorite salad, and you have a seriously tasty meal!
3. Lobster rolls (h/t Rasa Malaysia)
Juicy, fresh lobster and chive-flecked mayonnaise dressing piled into hot dog rolls is just all kinds of wonderful. Worth saving up for a treat meal, the sweet lobster is perfect with the soft rolls and tangy sauce.
4. Cajun andouille hot dog (h/t Country Cleaver)
A spicy meal-in-a bun; andouille sausage, cheese, bell peppers and chilies are loaded into soft hot dog rolls for a truly satisfying and filling dish.
5. Fried shrimp Po boys (h/t Delish)
Crispy fried shrimp, tartar sauce and a pile of fresh salad make this a delicious dish for a fabulous treat lunch. A splash of hot sauce is the perfect foil for the rich shrimp and creamy dressing!
6. Lemon bread pudding (h/t Created by Diane)
Hot dog rolls for dessert? Clever, right?! Leftover rolls are transformed with egg, milk, fresh lemon juice and sugar into this easy, impressive dessert that will wow your guests! Bet they won't be able to guess the 'mystery' ingredient!
7. Depression bread pudding (h/t Southern Plate)
Another genius dessert idea for leftover hot dog or burger rolls! Butter, vanilla, milk and sugar are infused with the warmth of cinnamon and baked with leftover rolls for a real comfort-food treat!
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