Cooktop Cove: Want your house to smell amazing? Check out these 9 amazing and easy hacks
By Jessica Jacobs
Nothing say comfort like walking into a home that smells amazing. Whether it is the fresh scent of a spring cleaning or the warm wafts of holiday baking, pleasant smells can enhance a home.
You can easily get that feeling with just a few simple tips and tricks from these amazing homemakers. You won't have to spend a fortune on fancy products or expensive chemical sprays to make your home smell good with these creative ideas.
Vacuum your way to freshness
If you are going to vacuum, you might as well have it do double duty. Vacuuming up laundry scents or even wax melt sprinkles will allow the vacuum exhaust to gently scent your home as you vacuum. No more dirt and no more odors.
Make your own Febreze spray
You can make Febreze spray to refresh carpet, curtains and fabric surfaces. It can take up to 30 minutes for everything to melt. Add to a spray bottle for easy spritzing wherever you need a fresh, clean scent. Get the full tutorial here.
DIY oil diffusers
Ever looked at one of those scent diffusers and said, "I could make that" but didn't know how? Get the full tutorial here.
Simmer pot
This is a wonderful solution to freshen up your kitchen after cooking a big meal or to make the whole house smell good if you have a wide-open floor plan. Get the full tutorial here.
Make a cheap gel jar
Don't pay for those expensive (but great-smelling) gel jars any longer. You can make them at home quickly and easily with unscented gelatin. Get the full tutorial here.
Baking soda air freshener
This is an effective — and totally simple — DIY project for rooms that need a little extra help staying fresh. Think bathroom, mudroom or basement. Get the full tutorial here.
Vanilla-flavored air freshener
The video below shows three ways to make your home smell good. Did you know you could use a lightbulb for this? Get the full tutorial here.
Lavender air freshener
Don't like the smell of old shoes or dirty garbage? Now you can get rid of those odors with a new lavender scent. This video gives step-by-step instructions to show how.
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