Cooktop Cove: 7+ scrumptious cheese ball recipes that are great for any get together
By Holly Antoine
Cheese balls always remind me of Christmas. Since I can remember, my mom made a cheese ball for Christmas Day, so when I see a recipe for a cheese ball, it always takes me back.
When you stick a cracker into this scrumptious appetizer, you can tell right away before this comforting snack even hits your lips that you will be going back for seconds. You just can’t say no to another nibble. Take a look at these different recipes for cheese balls, and shake up your next get together!
Bacon ranch cheddar cheese ball
There are few flavor combinations in the United States as beloved as cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing. It's the number one choice of sports fans across the country! Now, we are taking these three beloved tastes and turning them into one delicious and easy-to-make cheese ball spread! This appetizer is perfect for any game day or night, and people of all ages go crazy for it! Get the recipe here.
Dill pickle cheese ball
Everyone has a pickle-lover in their life! Show them how much you appreciate them by making them this quick and easy dill pickle cheese ball! Even people who are initially hesitant to try this unique appetizer end up fully converting to pickle fans! Get the recipe here.
Spicy cheese ball
Looking for a little heat to spice up your game night? Well, look no further than these spicy cheese balls! It's the perfect appetizer for any fan of heat! This creamy yet zesty dish has a blend of various cheeses, spices and veggies that is a surefire way to impress your friends, while simultaneously making them sweat! Get the recipe here.
Garden herb cheese ball
Want to bring the flavors of your garden together in one delicious appetizer? These garden herb cheese balls are the perfect way to celebrate spring, or ideal appetizers to serve at nearly any kind of event or function. The bright flavors of dill, chives, and parsley stand out through the cream cheese, while the sliced almonds on the outside provide a satisfying crunch that everyone will love. Get the recipe here.
Parmesan cream cheese ball
Everyone loves Parmesan cheese! It's called the "King of Cheese" for a reason. Impress your friends with this savory, garlicky, and super-simple Parmesan cheese ball. This cheese ball seems gourmet, but it couldn't be easier to prepare and serve, and it is absolutely addictive. Your friends will all beg for the recipe, but they won't be able to ask while stuffing their faces! Get the recipe here.
Ham and pineapple cheese ball
For some people, ham and pineapple is a match made in heaven. The combination hits almost every taste bud: smokey, salty, sweet, and sour. Add to that the smooth, creamy texture of cream cheese, and it's a flavor explosion every time. This unique twist on a classic cheese ball recipe is a delicious way to use up leftover ham in a new, innovative way. The crushed pecan "coating" also provides a perfect crunch. Get the recipe here.
Mexican cheese ball
Looking for a tasty, fun, and quick appetizer recipe to share with your friends? This south-of-the-border Mexican cheese balls are a perfect dish to serve during the big game, an outdoor gathering, or even to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! The spicy chilies, dash of hot sauce, and pepper jack cheese give the dish some Mexican zest, while the luscious cream cheese provides the perfect balance to the heat. Get the recipe here.
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