Cooktop Cove: Go bananas and enjoy the sweetness of vegan treats
By Cassie L. Damewood
Fresh ripe fruit is hard to beat but sometimes peaches, nectarines, and apples lack flavor even at the peak of the season. But a perfectly ripe banana never fails to please. Eaten out of hand or transformed into a silky smoothie or indulgent baked good, bananas never let you down.
Many vegan desserts fall flat on flavor. However, if you stick to ones that rely on bananas for texture and taste, you'll be asked for the recipe from every person who tastes them, regardless of their diet philosophy.
Vegan banana chocolate chip cookies
Many people would rather give up almost any food except chocolate chip cookies. This vegan version satisfies even cookie monster cravings. A tall glass of vegan "milk" completes the experience. Get the recipe here.
Vegan banana cupcakes
Cupcakes have achieved unprecedented stardom in the past decade. This recipe stands out based on the lightness of the cupcakes and the rich buttercream frosting. The combination of vinegar and baking soda prevents the cupcakes from turning out flat. Get the recipe here.
Vegan banana breakfast smoothie
Four simple ingredients and a couple cups of ice make this smoothie recipe a favorite energy booster on a busy morning. The peanut butter is the "secret" ingredient that makes it so satisfying. For extra energy and stamina, add a scoop or two of protein powder. Get the recipe here.
Vegan banana pancakes
In addition to the sweetness of the bananas, vanilla and maple syrup up the taste of these pancakes. Serve them with warm maple syrup or vegan yogurt and your favorite fresh fruit. For special occasions, toss a handful of vegan chocolate chips into the batter. Get the recipe here.
Vegan banana cake
This cake is so full of banana flavor, you'd swear it has some kind of extract added to it. The secret is the bananas shine through the simpler ingredients and take center stage. Adding baking soda and vinegar to the batter makes the cake light and fluffy. Get the recipe here.
Vegan banana muffins
Having a container of banana muffins on hand means you never have to leave home without sustenance. Healthy and filling, these muffins always satisfy. Add nuts, raisins, vegan chocolate chips, or all three to make a hardier version. Get the recipe here.
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