Cooktop Cove: Pork should be on your fork, especially since we have some fabulous low-carb recipes
By Cassie L. Damewood
For many years, most Americans shunned pork as fatty and unhealthy. Granted, some cuts fit that description, but not most. Pork advocates successfully turned that notion around in 1987 with their "Pork, the Other White Meat" campaign. The memorable ads increased consumer demand for pork and eradicated its status as a fatty protein.
Pork has no carbs, except for the organ meats, but certain cuts such as ribs and bacon are high in unhealthy saturated fat. Choose cuts with the word loin in them for the most healthful eating. To keep all cuts juicy and delicious, avoid overcooking them. Cook pork to 145 F, let it rest for three minutes and serve.
Low-carb pulled pork
A bold dry rub slowly imparts flavor to a succulent pork roast as it gently slow-cooks and tenderizes for eight hours. Add the sauce during the final stages so it enhances but doesn't overpower the taste of the pork. Use it for sandwiches, taco filling, or to transform a salad into a meal. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb pork chops
A good pork chop has so much natural flavor, you don't need gravy or sauce to make it a star. A simple olive oil-lemon marinade flavored with garlic, herbs and spices perfectly infuses the meat. Grilling helps seal in the juices. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb pork egg roll
The best part of an egg roll is the tasty filling. Combine ground pork with freshly shredded cabbage, onion and carrot, and generously seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic and ginger to create a wonderful entree without the carbs of the egg roll wrapper. Use toasted sesame oil for maximum, authentic flavor. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb pork roast
Pork roast is one of the easiest entrees to prepare. The crust on this beauty is packed with herbs and spices that permeate the meat during roasting. Cook it fat side up for best crispness and presentation. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb pork stuffed peppers
Stuffed peppers are as pretty as they are tasty. Using bell peppers in a variety of colors to hold the filling gives each serving a unique flavor. The melted cheese on top adds a comforting richness to every bite. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb sweet and sour pork
Nothing satisfies a craving for Chinese food like sweet and sour pork. Pork tenderloin is ideal for this dish, being both tender and lean. The assortment of vegetables and fruits makes it healthy and adds tons of flavor and texture. Get the recipe here.
Low-carb pork chops with mushroom sauce
Thyme and rosemary are two of the best herbs to bring out the natural flavors of pork. Add a creamy sauce, mushrooms and a touch of white wine, and you have a magnificent dinner party entree. Don't overcook the chops as they dry out quickly with just a few minutes of extra time on the stove. Get the recipe here.
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