Cooktop Cove: These sweet treats will impress any lover or Valentine
By Chris Morgan
Valentine's Day is one of the sweetest days of the year. We aren't talking about romance and flowers; we're talking about actual sweet treats. When Valentine's Day arrives, people will often get their significant others something to indulge their sweet tooth or maybe a treat for themselves. It doesn't have to all a heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, however. There's so much more you can do on the sweets front.
What could be more romantic than making a delicious dessert for a loved one? So many possibilities exist that will wow your date's heart, not to mention their taste buds. If you want, you could make these desserts for friends and family too. Valentine's Day can be for everybody, especially when it comes to these sweets.
Red velvet heart-shaped sugar cookies
Hearts are one of the symbols of Valentine's Day, so a heart-shaped cookie is an easy way to celebrate this holiday. These cookies take it to the next level, though, by using red velvet. They are simple but still decadent. Get the recipe here.
Blackberry white chocolate s'mores
S'mores are always satisfying, but have you ever though about making them a little fancier? White chocolate is a nice change of pace, but the blackberries are what make these s'mores truly special and delicious. Get the recipe here.
Raspberry macaroons
Red and pink are the colors of Valentine's Day. Why use food coloring, though, when you can use delicious raspberries for both color and flavor? Macaroons can be a little daunting, but if you have a food processor, this recipe should be quite simple. Get the recipe here.
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a quintessential Valentine's desserts. Why buy them from the store or online, though, when you can make them yourself? Not only do they look mouth-watering, but they'll taste great too. Get the recipe here.
Heart-shaped strawberry hand pies
You can make this recipe with any fruit, but strawberries aren't a bad option. Making pies can be tricky, but this hand pie recipe is easier than most. They look fun, and the taste should make your significant other feel the love as well. Get the recipe here.
Strawberry and cream donuts
You don't need a fryer for this recipe. In fact, you bake the donuts, which makes them a little healthier too. The pink strawberry glaze on the donuts provides a clue to what's inside the doughnut, thanks to the dough itself having strawberries in it as well. Get the recipe here.
Strawberry milkshake cookies
Cookies are usually some shade of brown, but where's the fun in that? These cookies have a pink color that also reflect the taste of the treats. The white chocolate chips enhance the flavor of the cookies and their look. Get the recipe here.
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