Dump old coffee grounds on a spare dryer sheet for this simple, clever reason

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Running a household can be expensive at times, but it doesn't have to be! You can use products you have at home to deal with every day problems instead of having to buy new products.
For example, coffee grounds aren't just for coffee. You can repurpose them for several other uses around the house. The next time you think about tossing away your coffee grounds, think again! Try the following upcycling ideas instead:
1. Coffee as compost
Coffee grounds added directly to your compost are a great source of nitrogen. Keep in mind, however, that high-nitrogen materials need to be balanced with high-carbon materials, such as sawdust, sticks, twigs and dried leaves. If compost starts to produce a stench, it's a good sign you have too much nitrogen and not enough carbon. So while coffee grounds are a great addition to any compost pile, you can overdo it. Not to worry: Read on for many more ways to use those coffee grounds.
2. Coffee as facial
Coffee proves to be a great remedy for damaged skin. Apply a coffee facial to your skin to help remove dead skin, unclog pores and soften the lines of wrinkles. Not only does the texture work for exfoliating, but the acid found in coffee contributes to exfoliation as well.
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It is simple to make this scrub. Place the grounds in a bowl of warm water and then add Epsom salt. Rinse your face with the water and gently rub skin with the rough grounds and salt. Rinse the mixture once again with the water from the bowl. Your face will feel soft and fresh!
3. Scour pots and pans
After you’ve finished your coffee, you’re going to have to wash the dishes anyway, so why not give your pots and pans an extra scrub? The abrasiveness of used coffee grounds is the perfect texture for removing stuck-on food, especially in cast-iron pans.
4. Absorb nasty smells
Vomit, soured milk, urine, and other gag-worthy smells can easily be absorbed using two unlikely ingredients. pace a dryer sheet over the cleaned site of the spill and sprinkling coffee grounds atop. Leave the home remedy overnight.
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5. Air freshener
If the scent of freshly brewed coffee is the best way to wake you up in the morning, why not fill the rest of your house with that same pick-me-up? You can recycle your used coffee grounds while finding a use for those socks that no longer have a match. These homemade air fresheners not only make your house smell like your favorite coffee shop, but they also look cute.
6. Make candles
Turning your used coffee grounds into homemade candles is slightly more time consuming than buying a brand new candle, but it’s a great way to recycle both your coffee grounds and the remnants of candles you’d normally throw away. Making these candles will help you save money on new candles, and you’ll get to smell your favorite brew every time you light your homemade candle.
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