8 grilled cheese recipes that will totally top your mom's

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Grilled cheese is just so good. One of the simplest comfort foods, it can be rustled up in minutes after a long day, a good walk or a bad break-up to satisfy and soothe.
But as fabulous as it is just simply served on toast, did you know that there are lots of scrumptious ways to get your grilled cheese fix? Read on and start planning your next meal.
Grilled cheese rollups
Make these awesome rolled-up cheese treats and give them to grateful children, or keep them all for yourself, dip 'em in tomato soup and feel like a big kid again. Get the full recipe here.
Fried green tomato and bacon grilled cheese
A sophisticated take on a grilled cheese sandwich, the tartness of the green tomatoes gives exactly the right balance to the rich cheese for a seriously delicious lunchtime treat. Get the full recipe here.
Kale pesto avocado grilled cheese
It's got kale and avocado in it, so you can dig into this gloriously flavored sandwich without any food-related guilt whatsoever. Get the recipe here.
Roasted cauliflower grilled cheese
This might sound like an odd pairing, but why wouldn't it work? Cauliflower and cheese is a classic combination and it's often served with a breadcrumb crust, so why not just switch it around and serve it up as this mouthwatering sandwich? Get the recipe here.
Cheesy garlic bread toasted sandwiches with homemade soup
Two recipes for the price of one can be found here, but why not when they work so beautifully together? Kick off your shoes and hunker down with the ultimate cheesy-garlicky-tomato-soupy comfort food and feel soothed. Get the recipe here.
Peking duck grilled cheese
The ultimate hybrid? Peking duck and grilled cheese? It shouldn't work but it does! Don't worry about how; it's kitchen alchemy at its finest. Get the full recipe here.
Eggplant parm grilled cheese
If you love Italian-style flavors, then these rich and satisfying layers of cheese, eggplant and marinara sauce will be right up your alley. Perfect for a hearty lunch or even dinner, this is a sandwich that you will fall in love with. Get the full recipe here.
Sweet heat grilled cheese sandwich
This fun sandwich is exotic, delicious and very different. Dial down the heat for the kids and serve this combination of grilled pineapple and melting cheese for an awesome weekend lunch. Get the full recipe here.
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