Slice up a tasty lunch when you make this vegetarian grilled panini

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A grilled panini is one of those foods that seems indulgent and somewhat light and healthy at the same time. The latter rings especially true when it's a vegetarian panini.
You don't have to rush on over to your favorite Italian grill to enjoy these bites of bliss. All you have to do is slice up your favorite veggies and enjoy these vegetarian paninis at home.
1. Tomato, mozzarella and basil panini (h/t Skinny Ms)
Here’s a classically Italian sampling, reminiscent of the ingredients in a Caprese salad. Creamy, melted mozzarella cheese, juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and Mediterranean olive oil come together to offer up a quintessential Italian panini.
2. Grilled eggplant panini (h/t Happy Cooking Healthy Living)
This vegetarian panini will convert even die-hard carnivores. Grilled eggplant, three kinds of cheese, and rocket leaves are the perfect combination to make your taste buds go “Wow”!
3. Vegan caramelized onion and mushroom panini with sun-dried tomato mayonnaise (h/t Serious Eats)
This panini is a unique twist on the grilled panini. Sweet caramelized onions, savory mushrooms, and sun-dried tomato and vegan mayonnaise blend together to deliver a scrumptiously grilled panini that offers up something special.
4. Pesto grilled cheese panini (h/t Yummy Healthy Easy)
What could be better than your standard grilled cheese panini? Add pesto to it. It’s the bomb! Seriously, you gotta try this one!
5. Italian veggie panini (h/t Kecia's Flavor Breakthrough)
Serious vegetarians will love this grilled Italian veggie panini that is chockablock full of vegetables.
6. Grilled veggie paninis (h/t Laura in the Kitchen)
Get your panini press ready and follow along with Laura Vitale to create an easy grilled veggie panini that'll make your taste buds happy. Sourdough bread makes these paninis extra special.
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